I’m taking a class at my local quilt shop, working through Betsy Chutchian’s book Hope’s Journey.

It’s been really fun experimenting with these new-to-me blocks, and working with an equally new-to-me limited color palette of cream/beige, red, and navy. After three months, here are the blocks I’ve done so far:

Month/Chapter 1:

Lady of the Lake (large) & Lost Ships (small)

Along with the monthly blocks, there are miniature quilts in each chapter; the one for chapter 1 is all tiny versions of the Lost Ships block. I took the class for these mini-quilts, but haven’t had time to make any of them yet!

Month/Chapter 2:

I didn’t care for the blocks in this chapter as much, so I skipped one entirely (the Pine Tree block, which didn’t fit with my color palette and looked more like a WWII bomber than a tree to me), and left one partially undone (I didn’t join the units into the larger block).

Forest Path units

I experimented with the half square triangle placement, trying to achieve a pleasing arrangement, and still didn’t really care for them. Odd, because I do like the similar Lady of the Lake block. *shrug*

Broken Dishes

I liked this one so much I made two! I was surprised how busy they turned out, although I like both of them.

Month/Chapter 3:

Turkey Tracks

I loved making this block! It’s smallish—just 6″, which means that those flying geese units are only 1.25″ tall! These were my first square-in-a-square units and flying geese, and it might be my favorite block I’ve ever made. How much fun are the stripes in the background on the red (my second) version?! Apparently Turkey Tracks is not one of the traditional names for this block (that seems to be another block entirely…?); it’s more commonly known as Devil’s Claw, but there’s another, larger Devil’s Claw block in the book. Stay tuned, because it looks like a lot of fun, too!

Game Cocks

This one is a showstopper! It was surprisingly simple to construct/piece, given how complex the block is (how many pieces).

The next class isn’t until June, so I’m stepping back to clean the sewing room and maybe think about some new summer clothes.

…Or some more Lost Ships blocks.