I have nearly finished a couple embroidery/cross stitch projects, so it’s time to kit up some more. I have Mill Hill/Sticks “Love Me, Love My Dog” almost ready to go:

I have swapped out the included perforated paper for evenweave, sorted & bobbined up the threads, and mostly colored in the chart. I know I’m an oddity that I do this, but honestly: See those nice bold letters in the motto/caption? You literally could make out nothing on the chart. The symbols all have very similar weights, and it was impossible to distinguish what was letter and what was background. Brown and orange colored pencils solved that in no time.

I have also recently acquired some glow-in-the-dark fabric from Fabric Flair. (Squee!!!) I have no idea what to stitch on it, but I have a fat quarter, so my options are pretty open.

Since I am nearly done with Mirabilia’s Hallowe’en Fairy (my first Mira!), and somehow managed to acquire about, um, 30 Miras and TIAG/Butternut Roads at an EGA stash grab… I am thinking again about Stargazer.

I have had the chart and beads… and TWO fabrics (!) in my stash for a few years now, but I’m not totally sold on either fabric. One is a really dark mottled navy from Picture this Plus, and another is a periwinkle overdyed from Silkweaver. The navy is too dark, and the peri is too light. But the bigger problem is that neither fabric looks like the vision I have always had in my head for this piece. And that is for it to be on fabric that looks like she’s standing in the woods, gazing up at the twilit sky.

You know, like this:

stargazer inspiration 1

Or this:

stargazer moon

Although I have imagined it with that deep greeny-turquoise tint the sky sometimes gets (not, alas, last night when I was taking photos!):

stargazer fabric ps

I feel guilty about the fabric already in my stash (the PTP was especially expensive), but I’m in a wildly experimental phase right now (which NEVER happens), and I’ve had a crazy, zany idea.

I think I’m going to make my own fabric! (Or, more likely, alter the fabric I already have.) Heck, I’ve watched enough episodes of “Quilting Arts!” I ought to be able to figure this out. I’m not sure what my options are, but I am investigating various methods. Right now I’m looking into (ie, checking out Pinterest) water-soluble ink pencils, and other surface treatments.

Maybe Derwent Inktense?

Or Dye-Na-Flow?

Maybe even diluted acrylic paints?

I do know I’m not up for a big, scary dye project (our Radagast experiments indicated that our facilities are not up to snuff for much of that), but I think there are enough options for surface treatments that I can figure something out. (Have also realized that I don’t really know the difference between ink and dye.)

If anyone has ideas, suggestions, or tips–do please share!

And I will have more FINISHES to share soon. So stay tuned!

Off to my wool applique class tonight. 🙂