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I have nothing new (that I’ve finished making) to share today, but as we enter the last quarter of the year, some annual traditions are getting underway. Really obsessive readers (are there any?!) might have noticed that we’ve had a wee bit o’ redecorating this fall: I’ve changed the name of this blog to “Elizabeth’s Pens & Needles.” Because Mirth & Matter from Elizabeth’s Pens and Needles would not fit on the banner. But mostly because I’ve shifted most of my news &c over from LiveJournal to this WordPress page, and it’s easier to manage a single site… particularly when stuff sometimes overlaps.

Anyway… we were talking about Fall Projects! Things to work on while you curl up by the fireside with your pumpkin spice whatever, while Other People go out and rake leaves and do other awful yardwork stuff. *shudder.* I will nuke your latte while you mulch. You’re welcome.

On the Business Side of things, story structure guru Alexandra Sokoloff is once again sharing her novel plotting tips in her NaNoWriMo Prep series on Screenwriting Tricks. Want the advice all at once? It’s all in her book, Stealing Hollywood (formerly the e-book only, Screenwriting Tricks for Authors).

I am a big fan of this book, and am glad to have a paper copy to scribble in at last. I have not yet decided whether to keep going on a current revision, or shake things up with an all-new manuscript in November… but I will be working along in the book all month either way.

On the Needleworky Side, I finished up the stitching on the little Hallowe’en Fairy, and intend to have a finished project to share soon. On the rarest confluences of events (thanks, no doubt, to last week’s Supermoon!) I have thus managed a gap in my stitching schedule just in time for my needlework group’s annual tradition, Teresa Wentzler October! Founded by Jen Harper in 2007 or 2008, TW October is responsible for the completion of one of my favorite projects ever, Peacock Tapestry, which sat as a UFO for four or five years (after four or five years of stitching). Jen got us all riled up about our TWUFOs again, and:

For the last several TWOctobers, however, I’ve mostly been consumed with Fair garb sewing, and rarely have a chance to stitch much. Not this year! I am a day or so away (now I’ve jinxed that) from finishing this year’s garb work (pix TK!), and have the whole month open to work on another TW WIP, Castle Sampler. Check out my spectacularly inspiring progress pic, as of October 1, 2015:

Castle Sampler WIP Oct 1 2015

Someday, it may even look like this:

TW Designworks, Castle Sampler. Designed by Teresa Wentzler, 1992.

I’ve had this chart in my stash for many, many, many a year. It was a birthday gift from my in-laws the first year I was married. Which was, if you follow me on Facebook,¬† you’ll know… a while ago. I didn’t start it until the TWOctober after finishing Peacock Tapestry, though… and I only work on it during the stitchalong, and only get a week or so each year to fit it in. I hope to make a lot more progress this year!

Stay tuned for progress pix and garb pix. I should have an update to a project started last year, plus a gift from a friend to share (!), and I’m gathering up all the odds & ends for my September entry at the Historical Sewing Monthly (still waiting on the arrival of last-minute lace).