I’m very excited to share a guest project made by my wonderful and lovely agent, Erin Murphy!

First, some background. My first novel, A Curse Dark as Gold, takes place in a woolen mill called Stirwaters, which is known for its brilliant blue dyes.

Shortly before Curse came out, I attended the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, NY. Near the convention site was a lovely yarn shop, and there I had me an Idea. I popped in and asked the shopkeepers for “sheep’s wool yarn in a blue so beautiful it’s almost otherworldly.” In other words, Stirwaters Blue. The shopkeepers led me to Berroco’s Peruvia yarn, in Aquamarina. It was rich, it was dark, it was impossible soft and gorgeous and just about nearly perfect. I bought two skeins, which I Cleverly Repackaged Thusly:

(That reads, Stirwaters Select: Pure New Stowewold, Mazareen Blue)

…And sent to Erin, who pondered the possibilities for a while before coming up with this magnificent sweater:

Erin writes:

“The pattern is the Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague:
What I love about it is that it’s knit sideways–bottom hem to top hem on each row, rows moving from one front placket around the back to the other.
The buttons are courtesy of knotjustbuttons in Etsy, and are vintage; I emailed her what size and color of buttons I needed, and she assembled them.”
(Just in case anyone is wondering, Erin would like us to know that this sweater actually takes FOUR skeins; she’s not just magically economical with her yarn!)
More pretties:
Isn’t this just about the coolest thing ever?! Fabulous job, Erin!!