Scrollwork & Santafur Tree Skirt

tree skirt

One year Milord gave me some odd-but-lovely fabric for Christmas–about 1 yard of scarlet velveteen with gold scrollwork… in paint. It was beautiful, but not suitable for garments. It sat in my stash for a couple of years until it finally spoke up and said, TREE SKIRT! It was perfect. Except it was too small. I needed another 4″ or so, so I thrashed around for a border fabric… until I hit on the splendid idea of SANTA FUR!!! Such a quick project–just a circle cut from the velvet, with the outer edge trimmed in 4″ wide fur. No more finishing than that. I bought some pretty rope trim, and some narrower fur for the inner ring… but decided it didn’t need anything else.

tree skirt closeup

Stitched Ornies

A motif from Abbey Lane’s “A New Beginning” spot sampler.

A Teresa Wentzler freebie, “Father Winter ornament”

Another “New Beginning” spot motif. This one is stitched in rayon floss, which is why it’s so shiny.

A cute primitive, stitched in linen floss on linen fabric.