Summer 2007

I wanted an easy-to-wear dress for hot days (we’ve been known to spike temps in the 90s in mid-October), and I discovered this wonderful Botticelli portrait (believed to be of an imaginary woman):

And here is my version:

Constructed from linen, with a canvas interlining to the bodice but no boning, this dress is wildly comfortable.  It’s a modern cheat at creating the gamurra, or Florentine undergown.  I have “someday plans” to complete the sleeves, as well as add a giornea (overgown) of butter yellow damask.

Update September 2014: Someday has arrived! See here for details. Alas, this poor beloved brown dress has been worn into the ground over the last seven seasons, so it has more or less been retired. Still, she had a good run!