Fall 2013

So, remember this post, about my Epic Terrible Idea from 2010? Well, I’ve had another one. And once again, it involves a costume that is almost entirely white-ish. Fortunately, this time there’s only one, instead of four—but I suspect it will require as much, if not more, work, since the pieces are all so intricate… with a Killer Twist.

It all has to glow in the dark.

Milord wants to be this:

KingOfTheDead1-ROTK 1

The ghostly, glowing version of Return of the King’s King of Dunharrow.

dunharrow closeup

The real costume, before the CGI ghost effects, is actually quite richly colored, in shades of bronze, red, and black.

…But where’s the fun in that?

So we are on an Epic Quest to track down all the information and supplies we can about making a costume—in all its crazy, multiple parts—both glow in the dark (with photo-luminescent materials and surface treatments), as well as possibly light up by electronic means. We want as much as possible to glow, and for the entire piece to be that pale milky greenish color that GITD stuff is by daylight (much as the action figure, above). Stay tuned!!

Oct 31, 2013:

A good day to stock up on GITD stuff at the local craft store, before they run out of everything for the season! (Actually, all of this is normal stock, available year-round. But since it’s Hallowe’en, and this is a post about a ghost costume… anyway.) Last night Milord picked up a tube of:

GITD face paint from Mehron. We haven’t tested it yet, but boy does the tube ever light up!!

We also picked up a 1/4 scale replica helmet from Weta/Sideshow:

King of Dead Crown Sideshow

It turns out that 1/4 scale is a LOT more wee than you think it’s going to be, but the details are nice. Milord plans to do this from leather, although we’re also looking into experimenting with thermoplastics (our first venture!).

And today I raided Joann and brought home this haul:



Various GITD fabric paints, embroidery floss, &c. Plus some hopsack linen in a ghostly color that’s a possible candidate for one of the fabrics.

There are other, higher-quality GITD supplies available, but these are our first test batch (also, they were what I could get my hands on locally). Experimenting to commence shortly!!