Fall 2012

Brown embroidered smock

Milord gave me this gorgeous fabric for my birthday—lovely soft cream muslin embroidered in my favorite color, brown!


At first it thought it might want to be an embroidered jacket, but eventually made up its mind and let me know it was destined to become a high-necked chemise. But not just any chemise, oh no. A giant, over-the-top, brown-and-cream, ruffly, embroidered confection.

I’d already made Milord the shirt from Simplicity 4059, and thought it would make a good place to start. I had to size down the extra-small, and further size down (by a lot) the collar and cuffs (I have scrawny wrists. You wouldn’t think it to look at me, but there you go.), and then I tossed out the instructions entirely for the ruffles. I also lowered the yoke for modesty’s sake (the seam went right across the middle of my bust, and even lined, the yoke was a bit sheer for my taste!).

Having decided on the project, pattern, and necessary alterations, I then drove myself to distraction finding just the right matching cream muslin, matching golden brown machine/serger threads, and matching ribbon for the ties (I am now stocked up on enough brown velvet ribbon to sustain seamstresses everywhere through the apocalypse).

I tarted up the collar and cuffs with some decorative machine stitching, and did a rolled hem with my serger on the ruffles:

I finished everything in time for the last weekend of Fair, huzzah! And then…

…It rained. Poured. Diluvian rivers of mud. Let me repeat: MUD. Consequently, my beautiful smock stayed at home, but it’s been living happily on my dress form ever since.


Finally, in Fall 2013, I got to wear my smock!


It ended up being surprisingly warm, so it got a lot of use in the last few weeks of Fair. See it also here and here!