Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve updated anything here (do all my posts start that way?)! I put up a couple of entries on some costuming projects, but I didn’t actually publish them (Boushh and the Orville costumes). I will, eventually. But since I’m tired of looking at last year’s Christmas sewing, I’m tossing up a couple recent, and not-so-recent projects, just to refresh things around here. 😉

First up, I’ve been making more quilts! This is my second, which I finished some time in 2017. I love everything about this quilt and it really deserves its own entry, but this is the best I have for now. The pattern was the Cabin Fever freebie from the Five Fat Quarter Fun series by Jedi Craft Girl and Gigi’s Thimble. FABULOUS pattern! This quilt is getting daily use here–what more could you ask?

Last spring, I made Quilt #3, “Scrap Happy” from Better Homes & Gardens Scrappy Quilts. I spotted this on Pinterest, and was determined to make it exactly like the inspiration/model. This color palette was so fun and cheerful! This was a gift for my in-laws, and was thoroughly vetted and tested throughout the construction, by Boo:

Boo was mortified when he found out that Grandma and Grandpa didn’t have a kitty at their house.

Because every house always needs more blankets, I turned some of my favorite stash fabric into a snuggly duvet. This started as a a cut of luscious Tencel twill–a soft, drapey, yummy, snuggly fabric in beautiful colors and a print that was lovely up close… but sort of weird from a distance. It’s been hanging around for a few years, and I couldn’t think of a garment it would look good as. I kept thinking, “All I really want to do is wrap myself up in this fabric…” and then I thought, “Why the heck not?!” Enter the Purl Soho lap duvet tutorial, et voila, snuggly Tencel throw! Totally NOT embarrassing way to just wrap yourself in your favorite fabric.

Full disclosure, this project was actually a huge PITA to make. Click here to read all the gory details.

This was the last project before I was sidelined by a knee injury (which has turned out to be a chronic condition, sigh), but around Christmas last year I managed to eke out enough mojo to finish my first crewel project! I made this adorable folk art pillow for my parents:

It’s from a Dimensions kit based on a Susan Winget design. It was a blast to stitch! I’d actually had the kit for a few years but had only stitched a couple of the flowers. My parents have recently downsized to a one bedroom apartment, and so we look for small, low-clutter gifts! This pattern coordinates with the folk-art style bedding they chose for their new (ONE!) bedroom, so I thought it would make a perfect pillow.

Which reminds me… I forgot something! Another gift for my mom–a housewarming/birthday present: Tarted-up towels. Using leftover jelly roll strips from the placemats I made her a couple of years ago, and a bunch of trim from stash, I decorated a set of towels for their new house:

Continuing the pillow theme, I’ve been meaning to update our aging throw pillow situation, throughout the house. I started with a couple of big sofa pillows for the living room:

They have also met with Feline Approval:

Coziness Achieved. We have blankets, cats, and pillows for everyone.