So I actually have a job, if you can call it that. I do something that brings in income, but it’s, as Sheryl Crow might say, a comic job—sometimes it seems almost silly to call it a job, when I’m having so much fun!

Pym and Steph

At Bartle Hall with editor Hank Pym (aka CJ Bunce)

This weekend (last weekend now, I guess) was the inaugural Kansas City Comicon #KCCC2015 where and I shared a booth again! I signed books for fans and hung out with The Cool Kids.


With local authors Colleen Boyd and Bethany Hagen

Sunday I joined fellow local authors Colleen Boyd (far right) and Bethany Hagen (center) for a panel on YA fantasy. Our intrepid moderator did a fabulous job steering our conversation of writing process, feminism, and teen agency. Well done, crew!

Friday was, surprisingly, my best sale day. Call me cynical, but I suspect it had something to do with the awesome steampunk outfit Milord got me for my birthday.

ecb at kccc 2015 day 1

Saturday was our big cosplay day. CJ/Milord reprised his Radagast, and I debuted a new Hobbit ensemble, which was a big hit, not just with the fans, but with guests as well!

sean rad mim

Yes, that’s Samwise himself, actor Sean Astin

We were invited to join the group photo that LOTR cosplay group Springfield Fellowship took with Sean, but you’ll have to take my word for it, since we haven’t gotten our copy yet (stay tuned!). In the meanwhile, you may have seen this, from the same photoshoot:

All the Springfield Fellowship costumes were amazing, but I was particularly taken with this dwarf (rarely seen!):

Stacey Dwarf

As always, it was wonderful to see all the fans, friends, family, and fellow cosplayers out at KCCC15, and hoping for another great show next summer!

A very quick Project 41 Update! Thanks to Epic Cosplay Projects, I’ve completed Projects 2, 3, 4, and 5!

hobbit chemise underpetticoat wip    Phone petticoat

Hobbit bonnet

2.) Quilted petticoat, 3.) Chemise 4.) Outer petticoat, and 5.) hat! More details on the Hobbit Page!