I have been so busy the last couple of months–back at work trying to FINALLY finish The Book That Won’t End (Since The Neverending Story has been taken), scurrying about taking care of Family Medical Drama (another thing that won’t end, but it is what it is, so), joining guilds left and right… and SEWING! So much sewing! In April I got a new serger, a Really Nice One, and have been experimenting with knits and mundane clothing!

I made a tunic, New Look 6323:

NL Tunic Montage

(More info here)

…And a lace maxi skirt (my first foray into squidgy linings, and it really wasn’t that bad), New Look 6288, sort of:

NL maxi skirt

And some tarted-up kitchen towels for my MIL. There was actually a third one, in turquoise, but evidently I didn’t feel it necessary to photograph it (?):

Judy Towels edited

And a tote bag that had been a tea towel:

Tea Towel Tote Bag

…And a couple other things that rightfully deserve their own posts (and having written that, I’ve typed the death knell for those posts! Ha!).

But another thing that I did… was turn 41 (see wrapped-up presents in the tote bag staging!). I didn’t really do anything momentous last year, to commemorate turning 40 (unless you count losing 20 lbs, becoming a runner, and buying a new washer/dryer)… so this year I wanted to challenge myself (because my life is way too easy, HA!). In between Epic Costume Projects, I’ve been squeezing in fun little makes here and there, and they are so rewarding! I want more of that in my sewing life. And I want to be freer, bolder, and more experimental overall. Sewing is a good way to practice all of those Valuable Life Skills (and also math, which I hear is useful sometimes), so I am setting myself the ambitious challenge of sewing 41 projects this year (July 3, 2015 — July 2, 2016). To those of you who whip up a zone-front gown in a morning, this will sound like nothing. But I normally get in about a dozen projects, if I’m lucky. This will require me to churn out 3.5 things every month. It will mean lots more smalls (!!!), and lots less second-guessing and talking myself out of things before I get started. And possibly also some creative math. Ahem.

I have tons of stuff lined up already, and my very first Completed Project 41 Make to share! I finished this last week, about 6 days in to the year:


The World-Famous McCall Peplum Cardi! (6844). What a super-quick project, and a great inauguration to the challenge!

It’s made from some scrumptuous sweater knit I accidentally ordered from Fabric Mart. I was at an outdoor party one recent chilly evening, when I was struck with an overwhelming urge for a fancy little cardigan to toss over party clothes. A gold one. So I ordered what looked like sparkly gold fabric from FM, but got this interesting salt-and-pepper stuff instead:

FM silver sweater knit

It’s OK… I never wear grey, but I look terrible in gold anyway, so it all worked out.

And now, the week is ticking away on Project #2 (a quilted petticoat for an upcoming cosplay event), and 3 (some pillows for my mom), so I should go. And there’s that book thing going on, too, so. Back in a few with the next project!