Pigeon Montage

On Friday, I said good-bye to one of the neatest friends anyone could ever have, the extraordinary, silly, sassy, unsinkably happy Gracie Pigeon. She would have turned 14 today (although DH says there were at least two Leap Years in there, so we’re counting it!). Gracie was one of 9 littermates, the puppies of this dog, and twin sister to this one, both of whom have been gone now for a while. Pidge was a 29-month cancer survivor, going through her third round of chemo for lymphoma. On her protocol, the median survival time is 13 months (and she was already an old lady when she started!). She shattered that. And she beat lymphoma, soundly. Three times. But 14 years is a long time, and finally this week her amazing heart gave out. She left us, peacefully and suddenly, having made a dozen new friends at the ICU. Because that’s just who she was. Our silly extrovert. There will never be another one like her.

Thanks, Sillypants, for everything.