Hello, readers! It has come to my attention, first, that there actually ARE readers of this dress diary (Kate), and that I have been updating it in such a way that subscribers have no idea that I’m doing so! I have been adding new PAGES, instead of new POSTS, and those don’t appear in your readers, alas! So here is everything you may have missed since my last POST in, um, 2012ish.

Lots of pinning—no, this pinning! Come see me on Pinterest!

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Wagner’s Valkyries cosplay

 My (re)new(ed) obsession with Early Netherlandish gowns


An obnoxious Saxon hat (details to come, if I ever finish the obnoxious-for-entirely-different-reasons Saxon gown):

A spectacularly fortuitous fruit stand!


A new Fairwear bodice


Some pretty fancy-schmancy needlework

…Some more fancy-schmancy needlework

blackwork snip

And some more cosplay insanity


…And I’m at work on a bunch more new stuff, too! Stay tuned for some needlework and cosplay updates coming soon, and there are More Hat Plans in the works, as well.

Thanks for reading!